Sunday, September 26, 2010


If you look outside, you'll probably notice that the leaves on the trees are starting to change colors. Their morphing from shades of green to shades of red, orange, and yellow, just like a caterpillar in it's chrysalis. An interesting thought that I had never considered was pointed out to me earlier today, though; the leaves are nothing like the caterpillars in their chrysalis's', and for more than just the obvious reasons. While a caterpillar is changing into it's next stage in life, the leaves aren't. The leaves are only so beautiful because they're dying.

That's kind of how it is with us as humans. Now, when I say this, I don't mean literally. Most of us don't look very fabulous when we're dying--at least, not when we're physically dying. I'm not talking physically, though; I'm talking spiritually.

As a Christian, I have two "selfs" in me. I have my "old self" (which is the side of me that does all of the bad things) and I have my "new self" (the "self" that has been redeemed by Jesus Christ and isn't really me anymore, because me by myself is just the old self). These two "selfs" are at war with each other, always trying to get my attention. The old self wants me to go back to my sinful ways, but my new self wants me to follow God's Word. What am I to do?

To put it bluntly: Part of me has to die. Again, I'm not speaking in a physical sense, I'm speaking in a spiritual sense. I have to do something about that old self, and that "something" is to get rid of it. I have to "die" to the world, which means that I can't be doing all of the evil and wrong things that the world around me is doing; I have to be "transformed by the renewing of my mind". I have to put good things in to get good things out; I can't just be filling my brain up with all of the junk that the world is throwing at me.

To really change and be a beautiful person on the inside, I have to fill myself up with God. I have to cling to what His Word says. I have to trust Him and have faith in Him. I have to stop listening to the world and start listening to Him.

That doesn't mean that I can't have friends that aren't Christians or I can't associate with people who don't know Jesus Christ as their savior. It just means that I can't be like them. I have to stand out. I have to be different.

I have to be "beautiful."

Just like the leaves that die and become beautiful, my sinful self has to die so that I can become truly beautiful from the inside out.

Just think about how lovely our world would be if everyone did that.

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