Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Stories

Okay, I said I was a writer, and I like writing, but I haven't told you what I've written. I think the first thing I wrote was when I was seven years old...ish. It was a revised version of "Goldielocks and the Three Bears" (What? I was seven...ish...) I've writen a few odd and end stories since that (most of which had no title and were never finished) When I was about ten, I wrote a story about Wallace and Gromit. It was pretty good, for a ten year old. (Of course, now when I read it, I think "Who wrote that? A monkey?" :P I gave up on it though...maybe I'll work on it more someday...) Recently though, I've writen a book that I have finished, and I really want to get it published. (So I'm not going to say anything more about it than that.) I also have a number of stories going on besides that one. One of them is acctually a fanfiction on anyone wants the link, I'd be happy to post it...but I don't know how many people know LEGO'll just leave it blank for now...


RaeOfShadows said...

Lol I know.
I actually started seriously writing in fourth grade, so I was nine...ish...
And now I look back at it and I, too, ask myself "WHAT in the world wrote that? A drunk monkey?"
Tell me when it's published, though, ok? I want to buy it and read it and have it on my shelf forever!
And btw, are you going to use a pseudonym on it or your real name, just wondering?

mii maker said...

I'll use my real name. I won't publish it under "Mii Maker"...that would be weird. :P And don't worry, I'll tell oyu when it's published! (Of course, after I get the acceptance letter from the publisher it'll take a few months to get it I'll tell you when I get the acceptance letter.)
;) The Mii Maker ;)