Monday, May 19, 2008

First Post EVER!!! :D

Okay, introductions first: I'm Mii Maker. (Pronounced me ma-ker...pretty simple.) I'm a writer, and I've created this blog to give other writers (or writers to be) advice...kinda like an advice column. Now, if you have questions about other things, then I'd be more than happy to try to answer them. But before you start posting anything, you have to know a couple rules of my blog. 1: Please don't swear. It's unappreciated, and unnecessary.
2: Please don't talk about anything inappropriate. I want a G rated blog.
3: If you have an opinion, say it delicately. Not in a poking fun kinda way.

My thanks to you in advance for following the rules. Well, I'll post soon!

(*NOTE* I will also post random things a lot, hopefully something will eventually make you laugh.)


me+lego=good said...

COOL!!!! p.s. what do you think about my blog?

RaeOfShadows said...


Dreamz said...

Cool Mii!

mii maker said...

Lego, your blog is cool. The descriptions are...few, and I think that it would be a better story if you put more descriptions. Like, about what happened to the little man when he was talking to the Great Beings...or whatever. I think if oyu go a little deeper in what they said to him, it will make the story make more sence.
;) The Mii Maker ;)

me+lego=good said...

Thanks mii I'll work on that(as much as I can.)

me+lego=good said...

thanks for the help Mii