Thursday, February 5, 2009


This is my first request. It was made by two friends of mine. The story behind it is one day we were being goofy and we pretended we were a band. I'm the one with the brown hair, the one on the drums is Sadie, and the one with the other guitar is Aussie. (These were online friends, by the way. :P) The girl off to the side of the stage wanted to be in the picture/band AFTER I had finished outlining it, so I was like "GAH!" So I added her to the audience. :P Her name's Reesie. :P Well, not her real name...but you get what I mean. Anyhoo, MY FIRST REQUEST FROM PEOPLE NOT IN MY FAMILY! WHOO!! *happy dances*
Okay, that's all. :D


Rae Of Shadows said...

That's so cool! I'm happy for you. ^.^ And your drawings are getting better and better, each time I see them, too!

I picked out the one that was you immediately, :P

mii maker said...

Thanks, Rae! :D
;) The Mii Maker ;)

Christine said...

haha i know who they are!!! woootos. thats cute, i like it a lot! ^_^

mii maker said...

;) the Mii Maker ;)