Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pictures, pictures, and...more pictures!

This was the first picture I drew in the notebook I got for my birthday this year. :D I was playing with shading, but you dan't see it all that well on here...
Alvin...up to something...see the description for Theodore, and just insert Alvin where his name is. :P
This is a character that I made up for a Sonic fan fiction I'm gonna eventually write. Her name is X, and she's kinda my equivalent to a person in the Sonic world. I think she looks great. :D
This is my bro's character for the before mentioned fanfic. His name is Iggy.
Theodore baked me a cake! This was a picture I drew for my own birthday. :D I think it's cute...but Theo's the cutest. :P
The Chipmunks in action...I don't wanna give too much away, except that Simon has air around him, not water.

This is a Chibbi version of my baby bro. He's so sweet. :)
My 9-11 picture.
Manga face!!! I love the eyes!!!
...I guess I liked it so much that I accidentally uploaded it twice...oops...
This is un-colored, new-and-improved, Theodore!! I DREW A CUTE THEODORE!!! No, I did not steal this from KA. I just figured out how she draws her pictures through keen observation. *sneaky* :P

Wizard! :P What can I say? I was bored and inspired.
This one's for Rae...it's a terrible drawing of Scruffy. I hope you don't puke on your computer when you see it.
A flower, that I drew in the car. :D I actually started it by looking out the window, and since I could see the reflection of the paper in it, I just drew a kinda squiggly line, and it became the flower. :)
This was drawn in the same car as the flower...a bunch of lines...that make a picture...funky...
This is a Chibbi version of my cousin. Isn't it cute?

This is my baby bro and my cousin, inspired by a real scene where the baby took the big kids hat. :P Yeah, I know, it's not fully colored...deal with it. :P
This is my interpretation (kinda) of Maximum Ride...cartoon form.
Fang looks bored...:P
Iggy and Gassy are up to no good...I can tell that Gassman's attempt to look innocent is futile. :P
And Nudge. :D Angel and Total (and Akila, I guess) have not been drawn yet...heh heh...

A not fully colored picture of Sonic and Tails. It was for my bro when he came back from camp.
Another not fully colored pic of Sonic and Tails.
This is based on the song "Cinderella" which is beautiful and touching and an awesome song...I'll probably have a post dedicated to it later.
This is Max, Jamie and Miku from my Exo Force Fan fiction, for those of you who have read it.
My bro!!! Isn't he cute? :P

I haven't posted pictures in a while, so there are a lot to show...heh heh...I apologize for not posting them sooner, since I'm almost done with the notebook that I'm in...and started in the one I got for my birthday. :D I apologize for any blurriness in the pictures...I have to take them with my camera, so... I sure have improved...and over a period of months! Just goes to show you that practice really does make perfect. So, keep practicing, and enjoy! :D


Rae Of Shadows said...

Awesome :D

mcculfja said...

Those are great! keep up the good work.

mii maker said...

Thanks! mcculfja, that is an interesting name! But I guess we all have interesting names, don't we. :P
;) The Mii Maker ;)