Friday, September 3, 2010

MR Fanfic (TPPOV) Chapter 48

"I don't understand it..." the scientist muttered to his female partner. "How did he escape without anyone noticing?"

"Have you checked the cameras?" she asked, looking over his shoulder. He nodded and clicked a few things on the computer, bringing up the video for that day. The two of them watched the footage go at double speed until it all suddenly went black.

"Whoa, what's that?" the woman asked, backing up a bit. The man sighed.

"I don't know. It seems as if the cameras shut down for about thirty minutes." he replied, glancing over his shoulder at the contemplative woman.

"That would give anyone ample time to escape..." she mumbled, more to herself than to her partner. "But how is it that no one saw him?" she thought for a few minutes before looking back up at the man.

"You'll have to tell--"

"No!" he exclaimed, cutting her off and jumping up out of his chair. "If I tell him, he'll kill me! He hates hearing bad news, and this is some of the worst news he could hear!" the scientist said, wringing his hands nervously.

"He has to know!"

"Not from me, he doesn't!"

"You were the one in charge of the experiment, so you have to tell him!"

"I was only recently put in charge, and I was only given a short sheet of facts about him! Nothing I read said anything about this!" the man motioned towards the computer monitor, which was still playing black video footage. The woman gave him a stern glare and he finally sighed. He was going to have to play a card he'd rather not use, but desperate times call for desperate measures...

"Fine, but if I go, you have to come to." the scientist said, pointing at the shocked woman across from him.

"What? Why do I have to go? Do you need someone to hold your hand?" she retorted, quickly getting over her surprise.

"No, you have to come because you're my partner, and that means you were in charge of the experiment, too. Besides," the man paused and took a deep breath. "I'd like you to be witness to my demise." the two stared at each other for a few moments before the woman nodded.

"All right," she said softly, "I'll go with you." the man smiled and held out his hand. His partner gave him a small smile in return as she took his hand and the two walked out into the hallway.

Knock, knock, knock. The man hit the door as softly as he could in hopes that perhaps the person inside the room wouldn't hear.

"Who is it?" a gruff voice called from inside.

"D-Doctor Alexander and Doctor Falicia, sir." the man stuttered, gaining control of his voice halfway through his sentence.

"Come in." the voice commanded quickly. Dr. Alexander opened the door and peeked inside. The room was furnished like the office of a CEO for an important company with a large desk in the middle of the room and an enormous chair behind the desk. The chair was turned so that the back was to the two scientists as they entered the room.

"I hope you have good news for me, Doctors." the man in the chair said softly. Dr. Alexander cleared his throat.

"Actually, sir, w-we don't. I wish we did, but-"

"Get on with it, Alexander! I don't have all day to listen to you stutter about your problems." the voice barked and Alexander and Falicia both flinched.

"Y-yes, sir," Alexander began once more and cleared his throat. "We're here about Experiment N1C01_43." the male scientist paused, waiting for a response from the man in the chair.

"Did he expire?" there was a bit of worry in his voice as he asked the question.

"Oh, no, sir," Alexander said quickly. "At least...not that we know of..." he finished hesitantly. There was another long pause as the two scientists looked at each other with worried expressions.

"He...escaped?" came the slow and soft reply.

"Yes, sir..." Alexander said with a nod, not that the other man could see it.

"Well, then, find him." Alexander and Falicia shared another worried look.

"Sir?" Falicia asked, almost as if she hadn't understood the command.

"Find him and bring him back here." the man in the chair said in a much sterner tone.

"But, sir, how?" Alexander asked quickly.

"You two were put in charge of him, figure it out!" the other man roared. Falicia and Alexander jumped. "You have two weeks to have him back here, or the two of you are out. And by out, I mean out." The two scientists gulped and nodded, and they had a feeling that even though he wasn't looking at them, the man in the chair could see them.

"Y-yes, sir," Alexander fumbled with his words once more.

"Use any means necessary. I want that experiment back here."

"Y-yes, sir,"

"Good. Now, get out!" the man bellowed and Falicia sprinted to the door, Alexander close behind. The two of them left the room and closed the door gently before they made their way back down the hallway.

"How are we going to find N1C01_43?" Falicia asked Alexander in a worried tone. Alexander took a deep breath before he opened the door to their lab. He sat down at his computer and began pounding away at it.

"We use any means necessary." he replied simply, bringing up a screen with a map on it. There, on the map, was a small blinking dot in the color red.


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:) I like it! It's nice to have a new twist thrown in. It intrigues me as to what happens next.

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